We've always believed design should engage the senses. Today, our belief manifests itself in many forms - some of which have little to do with cars.


With the UK a hotspot of creativity, our passion for design and innovation seems very British and very current. Yet engaging the aesthetic senses has always been key to our ethos. So much so, that our 1960s E‑type is still regularly voted the most beautiful car ever.

Our vision is broader now though. We create and collaborate in many different areas and actively support new talent. Here in the Jaguar Design Space, we’ll give you an insight into what we’re doing, as we do it.

Good design should always tell a compelling story. We believe that the role of design is to make lives better. Provide clarity where there is confusion, elegance where there is commotion. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, challenging ourselves and continually evolving to create unique cars that people feel a profound emotional connection with. With the design of all of our cars we always want to achieve a dramatic mix of exciting proportions, exaggeration and elegance in shape, together with stunning power and performance on the road. The silhouette of a Jaguar is always fascinating. Slightly extreme and different from every other car. A Jaguar looks like nothing else. It must excite the senses standing still and when moving at pace. When you step into a Jaguar you should feel a sense of occasion and theatre, where art and performance have perfectly combined. We make our mark as an innovator in design, without compromising our original motivation to achieve pure elegance, excitement, beautiful proportions and performance, every time. Anything we can imagine, we can create.